Lower School Spanish
Saint Andrew's Episcopal School

Lower School Spanish

Pre-K Spanish

Pre-K Spanish meets once a week.    We usually begin our class with a story, some songs, and greetings.  Then we go to the rainbow table to do some coloring pages related to our current topic.  This quarter we've been learning and practicing colors, numbers 1-10 and greetings, animals. 

Day of the Dead

Kindergarten Spanish 

In Kindergarten the students have Spanish twice a week.  We have begun the year with greetings, colors and numbers 1-10.  We read some books about Mexico and colored skull pictures as we talked about the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead.

First Grade Spanish

In the First Grade the students have Spanish twice a week.  We have been learning greetings, colors, numbers 1-10, classroom words, and parts of the body.  The children enjoy practicing vocabulary with games such as bingo, pictionary, around the world and memory. For Day of the Dead the students  colored skeletons.  

Second Grade Spanish

In Second Grade Spanish we have been reviewing the numbers 1-20, greetings, the alphabet, classroom words, and parts of the body.  The classes enjoy singing songs and playing games such as bingo, pictionary, around the world, and memory to reinforce vocabulary.  


Third Grade Spanish

In Third Grade,  some of the topics we have been working on are  numbers 1-50, the alphabet, greetings, colors, food, parts of the body.  We use games, songs, handouts,  short dialogues and videos to introduce and reinforce vocabulary.  Day of the Dead is in November.  We read books, saw a video and made skull masks to celebrate the holiday.

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade has been working on clothing. They designed their own outfit and labeled the articles of clothing in Spanish. Students created their own calendar with days of the week and months. We discussed birthdays, seasons and numbers. We played games to practice new vocabulary (classroom objects and school). We celebrated Day of the Dead on 11/2. Students made skull masks with tissue paper. 

Fifth Grade

We have been doing some "serious" grammar in Fifth grade. Students learned to write sentences in Spanish using clothing and colors. They had to recognize basic rules of the Spanish language. Words that end with "a" are feminine. Words that end with"o" are masculine, therefor the article and the adjective have to be the same. The articles el and la were used with occupations vocabulary. We played the game concentration to solidify the vocabulary learned. Students learned how to say in full sentences when their Birthdays are (and some family members). We celebrated Day of the Dead making skull mobiles.


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