PAB Job Descriptions
Saint Andrew's Episcopal School

PAB Job Descriptions

There are approximately 25 different roles on the Parents' Association Board.  Members are elected for one-year terms.
  • Presides and makes reports at all PAB meetings and has general supervision of PAB affairs
  • Oversees volunteer efforts for all PAB events including Dads’ Club and Used Uniform Sales
Vice President
  • Organizes GrandFriends’ Day (Nov.) on a committee with the Administration and Faculty
  • Leads PAB recruiting efforts: distributes the parent volunteer interest form, coordinates the volunteer data collected, and shares with appropriate PAB members and administration
  • Works with Hospitality to organize the Parent Appreciation Event (June)
Past President
  • Supports the President; serves as needed on special committees
  • Works with Hospitality to organize the Parent Appreciation Event (June)
  • Attends and keeps the minutes of all PAB meetings
  • Distributes the minutes to PAB members prior to the next regular meeting
  • Monitors the Budget, handles all PAB monies and keeps regular balanced books of account
  • Maintains receipts and disbursements and provides a report at each PAB meeting 
Room Parent Coordinator
  • Recruits and assigns the Room Parent Teams for Lower School grades and Middle School grades
  • Revises all Room Parent documents, conducts training meeting for Room Parents, serves as a liaison between Room Parents and PAB, and maintains communication among Room Parents
  • Conducts the first All Parent Coffee (with Hospitality) on the first day of school and supports the Parent Appreciation Event (June)
Hospitality Chair(s)
  • Coordinates décor, refreshments and volunteers for the All Parent Coffee (Aug.), Moving Up Ceremony/ All Parent Appreciation Breakfast (June), Staff Appreciation Luncheon (Nov.) and The National Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day (May)
  • Provides monthly PAB Meeting Refreshment Reminders
  • Manages and coordinate “acts of appreciation” for our teachers throughout the year
Pre-K/Kindergarten Representative
  • Helps coordinate the Harvest Festival (Oct.) and Field Day (May)
  • Acts as liaison between the PAB, the students, and the parents of Pre-K/Kindergarten and reports at PAB meetings as needed
1st - 2nd Grade Representative
  • Leads the coordination of the Harvest Festival (Oct.) and helps organize Field Day (May)
  • Acts as liaison between the PAB, the students, and the parents of First and Second Grades and reports at PAB meetings as needed
3rd – 5th Grade Representative
  • Helps organize Harvest Festival (Oct.) and leads the coordination of Field Day (May)
  • Leads and organizes Pizza & Bingo night (Nov.) for 3rd – 5th graders only
  • Acts as liaison between the PAB, the students, and the parents of Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades and reports at PAB meetings as needed
Middle School Representative (6th – 8th Grade)
  • Leads the coordination of Buddy Lunch (Oct.) and the Spring Middle School Lunch Event
  • Helps coordinate the four Middle School dances with administration, Student Council, dance coordinator, and parent volunteers
  • Acts as liaison between the PAB, the students, and the parents of Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grades and reports at PAB meetings as needed
Fundraising Chair(s)
  • Develops, coordinates and leads the PAB’s annual fundraising project, The Spring Social (May)
  • Builds committee(s) with parent volunteers to support the project
Fundraising Vice Chair(s)
  • Support the current Fundraising Chair(s)
  • Develops, coordinates, and leads the PAB’s fundraising project the following year
Lower School and Middle School Service Learning Representatives
  • Coordinates and promotes service learning programs for students
  • Works with the School Administration and Faculty to oversee grade-level Service Learning Parents, projects, field trips, two (2) Service Learning Chapels (fall and spring) and an All School Service Learning Day at School
  • Attends and takes pictures of PAB and various school events; provides photos to the Director of Marketing and Communications and the school’s yearbook editor
  • Records these events in the form of an event scrapbook/photo album
  • Manages the PAB bulletin board displays throughout the year
  • Greets all new families to School at the beginning and throughout the school year attending school functions for new families and welcomes them into the “Saint Andrew’s Community” by providing assistance and information through Schoology
  • Working with School Admissions, provides a “Buddy Student/Family” for new students (Grades 1-8) to Saint Andrew’s over the summer
  • Asks Head Room Parents in Pre-K, Kinder, and sixth grade to coordinate summer group event(s) 
  • Performs duties on the PAB at the discretion of the President such as chairing a special committee
    Athletic Representative
  • Acts as a liaison between the Director of Athletics, After School Sports Program participants and their parents and reports at PAB meetings
  • Assists the Director of Athletics with volunteer needs, coordinating Team Picture Day, and arranging the Uniform Collection process at the end of each sports season
Community Building Coordinator
  •  Aids in building school community by communicating PAB community events with the parent community and serves as the “Sunshine person”, sending correspondence to school community members to recognize certain family events
  • Coordinates birthday celebration program for teachers and staff
Board of Trustees Representative
  •  Serves as a full, voting member of the School Board of Trustees for a one-year term
  • Attends all monthly PAB (am) and BOT meetings (pm) and reports at PAB meetings
  • Optional: organizes an event between the PAB and BOT /assistance from VP and BOT member
Technology Representative
  • Manages all iVolunteer activities and the Board’s online document storage database
  • Acts as a liaison with the school’s Director of Technology and supports the Board’s work generally in areas related to technology
Library Liaison
  • Leads the PAB sponsored Book Fair (Sep.) and assists the faculty and staff with Author’s week
  • Coordinates parent and student volunteer work in the library
The Variety Show Performing Arts Chair
  • Leads the coordination of the PAB sponsored Variety Show (March) including try-outs, rehearsals, and variety show volunteers
The Spring Musical Performing Arts Chair
  • Supports the school-sponsored Spring Musical by collaborating with the school and the selected theatre company/persons
  • Leads the coordination of the Spring Musical among parents including musical fees, parent volunteers, ticket sales, and Tech Week
Common Ground Representatives (2 members)
  • Represent Saint Andrew’s within the Common Ground Speaker Series consortium( SF Peninsula)
  • Communicate and publicize Common Ground Speaker dates and locations at Saint Andrew’s
  • Works with administration to schedule a follow up event at school to review speaker presentations

*All Officers serve a one-year term however, often return in the same or a different role on the Board.
The VP, PAB is responsible for recruiting and electing all PAB officers except the Moderator. The Head of School serves as the Moderator.

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