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Sixth Grade Spanish


The primary goal of Sixth Grade Spanish is to enable students to improve their ability to speak, read and write in Spanish.  This will be accomplished through a variety of classroom activities that incorporate a cultural awareness of the more than 25 countries worldwide with significant Spanish-speaking populations.


  • We will learn to conjugate AR, ER and IR verbs.
  • Verbs are conjugated with all the personal pronouns.
  • Definite & indefinite articles, gender agreement, singular and plural forms are used.
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  • Two days each week students will be quizzed on words from their vocabulary list.
  • Cumulative vocabulary tests are given throughout the quarter.
  • In class dialogues reinforces new vocabulary words.


  • Students will take turns presenting projects about Spanish events.
  • We will celebrate certain Spanish holidays and learn about others.


  • Students will be assigned one project per quarter in which they will have an opportunity practice their grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

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