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United States Civics

The focus of seventh grade Social Studies  is Civics. The teachers serves as a guide to the students on an exploration of history in a real and meaningful way.  Students will begin with the study of the confluence of Eastern & Western Hemispheres on Western soil and finish the year with a close look at the American Identity. While some aspects will be examined in a “quick study” format, the focus will be on major social science themes including but not limited to growth/expansion, social justice and individual rights, roles and responsibilities as well as the periods that are considered to be turning points in the history of the United States.
Debate, Simulations, Interactive Lecture, Discussion, Exploration, Investigation, Movement, Reflection, Research, Making in the Creation Station, Reporting, Current Events, Seminar, Chat groups, Partnerships, Teamwork, Analysis, Corroboration, Sourcing, Input & Output

Students come to class ready and prepared to actively take on the challenge presented to you each day!
Geography– Physical, Political, Movement & Natural Resources
Technology –Industrialization, Invention & Innovation
Economics – Capitalism, Labor Development, Trends,
Government - Natural Rights, Constitution Foundation & Law
Citizenship – Reform, Debate, Politics & Leadership
And - Philosophy, Strategy, Architecture, Sociology & Religion
History Alive! The United States Through the Modern Era, TCI, 2012 edition

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