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United States History Course Overview

Eighth grade social studies will consist of curriculum that will cover aspects and themes that span the history of the United States. The class will begin with the study of Colonial America and finish the year with events leading to World War I. While some aspects will be examined in a “quick study” format, our focus will be on the periods that are considered to be turning points in the history of our country.

My goal is to share a love for social sciences while guiding students on an exploration of history. This will be accomplished through rich content and exposure to a variety of intelligences while reinforcing life skills such as organization, note taking and public speaking. Students will examine the growth and expansion of our nation, comparing it to their own life experiences while gaining an understanding of our modern society.


  • Students explore social, cultural, and technological United States History beginning with early British parliamentary traditions up to World War I.
  • Students demonstrate knowledge of physical and political geography including manifest destiny, war strategy and natural resource based economy.
  • Students trace growing economic trends based in ideas of industrialization including a child labor simulation, capitalistic beliefs, technologies, and commodity innovations.
  • Students explore philosophy of government including the protection of natural rights, Congressional debates, development of the republic, conflicts of civil and world war, abolition of slavery and emerging as a modern nation.
  • Students examine political and governmental structures including urbanization, federal and states growth and student citizenship.

The Classroom

  • Always be prepared. This includes homework and class materials.
  • Participate! There will be frequent class discussions. You are expected to participate in the discussions in a positive, respectful, intelligent manner.
  • Take organized and legible notes on lecture, videos, discussions, etc.
  • Complete assigned reading of your text before class.
  • NO INTERNET PICTURES are to be used for art projects unless you are given special permission. Tracing and collage work are ok. Your art will be graded on relevance to assignment and effort.


  • Assessment is based on tests, quizzes, oral presentations, written assignments, and projects. The standard St. Andrew’s grading scale applies. (see parent/student handbook) Grades are posted on Schoolloop and published twice a month


  • They will be announced in advance and posted on Schoolloop. They will consist mainly of multiple choice, matching, short answer questions, identification of key vocabulary, and essay questions. Any materials reviewed in class, homework, or your textbook may be covered.




  • Creating America United States History, McDougal Littell, 2006 edition.
  • Take your book home, cover it and leave it there. Do NOT bring it back and forth to school every day. Students may also check out a CD-ROM of the text.
  • This website will be used as a supplement to our text. There are many resources available including study guides, flash cards, and quizzes.
  • Content standards for 8th grade Social Studies and Research Analysis skills are listed in our textbook.

Supplemental Student Resources 

Teacher:  Mrs. Stacey 


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