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Studio Art

Our art studio is a constant buzz of activity. Mr. Souder, our resident artist, guides students as they creatively express themselves in a variety of media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, and printmaking. Our main goal is to embrace the artist in every child, and to help them understand the importance of art throughout their life. As each child discovers that art is a process, not just a product, they are able to create work that reinforces their self-esteem.

As early as Pre-Kindergarten, students are introduced to the elements of art and are exposed to great artists to instill an appreciation of art.  They are encouraged to try new things and to express themselves and their ideas through their creations. Throughout their time in Lower School, students learn about technique, color theory and color mixing.  They also learn to think about light and shading and tinting in their works.  As their fine motor skills and creative confidence develop, the media with which they work and their ability to manipulate it expands as well.  Subject matter draws on each student's observation and imagination.

We hold an annual art show each May at the Spring Open House.​

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