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Physical Education


Our physical education programs emphasize building healthy, strong bodies and lifestyles, rather than practicing team sports for simple recreation. Engaging students in appropriate exercises and routines that target muscle and bone development, as well as kinesthetic advancement, leads to an understanding that diet, health, and exercise are life-long pursuits that complement life-long physical activity.


  • Our goals are to teach every girl and boy about their bodies through exercise, games and team sports. We want everyone to feel good about themselves.
  • Our emphasis is on fitness with cardio vascular endurance, (age appropriate), stretching, abdominal strength, (abs), arms and shoulders, (push ups), and beginning Yoga type stretches.


  • To generate healthy life patterns, and a basic understanding of the fundamentals of physical activity.
  • To develop positive attitudes and an appreciation for physical skills.
  • To encourage group socialization and emotional growth.
  • To stress personal development rather than competition. 




  • To teach the principles of basic body movement.
  • To promote physical fitness; strength, endurance, balance, speed, agility, flexibility and coordination.
  • To teach rules and strategies for games and activities.


  • Through a variety of activities, new physical skills are taught while a basic skill foundation is developed and maintained.

Teachers: Mrs. Brenda Thornburg - Mr. Doug Bullard

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