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Veterans Project

November 11
We honor and celebrate our American veterans of all wars for their patriotism, love of nation, and the sacrifice they and their families have made for the common good of our nation.   
 Each year at exactly 11:00am on November 11th, a wreath is laid at the tomb of the unknown at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.  This is the same sacred ceremony our 8th class participated in during their visit to Washington, D.C. in October.
 Listed below are veterans who are friends and family of members of the Saint Andrew's community.  If you would like to add someone to our list, please leave a comment on this page including their name, rank and branch of service.
Thank you for your service! 
A1C Adams, Roger USAF, 1958-1962
Sgt. FC Kelly, George Eward, Korea
PFC Whelan, Raymond, Army
Brylowe, Drew, Navy
First Lieutenant Daniels, Richard J., Marine Air Core Pilot, WWII & Korean War
Winslow, Roger, Navy
Werner, Robert, Marine, Japan
Thomas, Mark, Marine, Korea 
Meacham, Glenn Raymond, FC Gunners mate, Navy, WWII
Meacham, Harold Spencer, Air Force Pilot, WWII
Schede, Robert Air force Mechanic 
Schede, Richard 
Private Schede, James, Army
Schede, Donald, Navy
Callison, Lee, Air Force, 60's-70's
Hamilton, Robert, Air Force 60's 
Callison, Ross, Navy, WWII 1942-1945
Lane, Dortha, Wav, Navy, WWII
Kuta, Edwin, Marine
Torres, Dave 
Sgt. Yamane, Benji, Army 
Howard, William Michael, Vietnam, Air Force
Lytle, John Archibald III, Navy
2nd Lt. Owens, Dirk, Navy
Battalion Legal Clerk Smith, Samuel, Army
Kupor, Lary Richard, Air Force
 Raisbeck, Edward Albert, Army
Capt. Dewey, Navy 
Malaspina, Charles Thomas Francis, Air Force
Sgt. Kelly, George Edward, Infantry, Korea
Sullivan, Dave, Army Medic 
Brown, Harold K. 
Lt. Mehlert, Calvin, Marine Corps
Law, Ivan P Sr.
Cunningham, Marve
Amick, Chester Albert, Army, Bugler
Pinkston, Howard
Wall, John 
Private Tenaglia, Ignazio, Army, WWI
Sanders, Tim, Air Force, Medic, Vietnam
Private Johnson, Syp, Air Force, WWII
BM2 LaGrone, Edmond, Navy, WWII, Pearl Harbor
Staff Sgt. Johnson, Gus, Air Force, Korea
Johnson, Ed, Air Force, Medic
Perkins, Robert, WWII
Zamzow, Kendall, Navy, Iraq
Castleman, Carl, Army, Calvary, WWI
Mckenna, Thomas, Marines
Doyle, Martin "Ferkin", Navy, Vietnam 
Saloga, Bill, Air Force, Vietnam 
Capt. Dillon, John, Navy 
Strasser, Alfred "Freddy", Navy, WWII
Capt. Mitchell, Jerry, Navy, Vietnam, 1951-1982
Nuss, Harry, Air Force
Maj. Hicks, William
Master Sgt. Mau, James
Crotsley, Richard E., Marines
Touris, Thomas E., Marines
Fox, George H., Navy
Graham, Gustave Adolph Arthur, Marine, WWI, WWII
Lenhart, C. Don, Army
Berglund, Robert "Bob", Air Force Pilot
Karloff, Charles "Poppy", Army Corps of Engineers, Korea
Quartermaster Karoff, William F., Army, WWII
McWalters, Bob
Comiso, Rich, Army Corps of Engineers
Whims, Jim
 Throckman, Jerry, Navy
Spencer, Howard, Army
Brown, Rufas "Chuck" Army
Chan, Ed
Mullins, Eddie
Norton, John
Spencer, Melvin, Navy 
Col. Drewke, Albert A., Army
Staff Sgt. Goes, Dennis, Air Force, Korea
Mackey, David Lawerence, Coast Guard 
Sutro, John Alfred, Marine Corps
Mackey, Steven Donald, Air Force 
Christanson, Albert
Bartlett, Jim
Stacey, Roger, Navy
Chief Peddy Kirch, Charles, Navy
Capito, Louis, Navy
Schwartz, Isadore "Joe", Army

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