Saint Andrew's Episcopal School


Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School provides an opportunity for its students to consider the spiritual aspects of life and learning.  In our programs of regular worship and religious classes, we study the Bible (Old and New Testament) and historical traditions of the Christian Church, discussing them in the context of our own experience.  We address the importance of life’s spiritual dimension and offer everyone in our school community the opportunity to become more aware of the role of God in their lives.

Students, faculty and parents include and represent not only the Episcopal Church but also other faiths and traditions.  It is our hope that involvement in our Religious Education program will strengthen an understanding of and participation in each student’s own religious heritage.  In accordance with the Episcopal tradition we strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being.

Students attend chapel twice a week: Tuesday and Wednesday by grade level, plus an all school chapel on Thursday.  Chapel is a time for prayer, song and reflection.  Students participate as acolytes, readers and musicians.  There is excellent musical accompaniment, and the church organ is played on Thursdays and for special services.  Please attend any or all of these services, you are always welcome!  Once a month the all school chapel is a celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

Religion Classes

Sixth Grade 

In sixth grade students study Christianity and the differences and similarities of different denominations. We concentrate on mainstream denominations like Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Interdenominational Churches as well as the denominations of our students. We use the Internet and the Bible as resources. We study one of the pillars of character each month. Students create PowerPoint presentations on different denominations to present to classmates.


Seventh Grade

Seventh graders study world religions. Whenever possible we invite guest speakers from various religions to our class. We invite a local rabbi, a Buddhist nun, Islamic speakers and a parent who is Hindu come share about their faith. We also visit as many worship sites as possible. In class students research world religions using the Internet and prepare PowerPoint presentations for their classmates. One class per month emphasizes one of the six pillars.

Eighth grade

Eighth graders study Religion and Ethics. All major religions have similar ethical and moral foundations which are also emphasized in the Character Counts curriculum. Students consider topics in current events from their moral aspect.  The students are also exposed to meditation techniques and various methods of prayer to help them develop their own spirituality.

Teacher: The Rev. J. Cameron Ayers

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