The Oak - Our Bi-annual Magazine
Saint Andrew's Episcopal School

The Oak

Our Biannual Magazine
Just as the historic tree has served as a gathering place for parties, meetings,
studying and untold conversations, our biannual newsletter, The Oak, highlights
news and information about students, alumni, parents and friends of the school.
Read the latest issues by clicking the link below.
    Summer 2016 - This issue highlights the many thoughtful ways we incorporate Balance into our academic program.  It also features the Moving Up Chapel and graduation.
    Winter 2016 - Our focus for each and every child each and every day is to help them experience success as they take on new challenges and explore the community around them.
   Summer 2015 - This issue focuses on our mission.  We highlight the various ways we help students reach their maximum potential academically, physically, spiritually, and socially.
Spring 2014 - Learn about the many ways hands-on, experiential learning is incorporated into our curriculum.

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