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A-Boys Basketball (8th grade)

Winter 2016-2017 season
A-Boys Basketball News and Announcements:
Dear 8th grade team and parents,
The A-Boys first practice will be Thursday, November 17th in the Gym at 6:15-7:45pm. I will not get the game schedule until November 14th so I do not know which day or times we will play games. Please keep in mind that the practice schedule could change after the league sends us the game schedule. Coach Jackson requested that we practice on Monday's, Thursdays and Fridays. On Mondays, the A-Boys get an early practice from 3:15pm-4:45pm. On Thursday, they will practice later from 6:15pm-7:45pm and on Fridays the team will practice from 4:45pm-6:15pm. If your child cannot attend a game or practice, please send an email in advance to so that we are aware of your child's situation. Thank you and GO SAINTS!
A-Boys Basketball Team (8th grade)
Coaches: Fred Jackson
If you have any messages for the coaches, please send an email to and your message will be sent to the coaches.

To sign up for A-Boys Basketball (8th grade) go to
You will receive an automatic reply that you are signed up for the team.
The last day to sign up for Boys Basketball is Tuesday, November 1st.

Parents picking up players from Practice
Players are not allowed to wait in front of the school for their ride after practices or games
Parents must come in the gym to pick up their child after practice. Players can not leave the gym until their parent comes in the gym to pick them up, or they are sent to daycare.
For convenience, parents can park in the back by the gym and come through the back doors of the gym to pick up their child. 

Arriving on time to Home and Away Games
For games that are at 3:45pm all players need to get to the game ASAP
For later games players need to be at the site of the game 30 minutes before game timeIf for some reason a player can't be there 30 minutes before the game, the player must let the coach know ahead of time.

Carpooling to Away Games
Parents are responsible to get their child to any away games, either by driving them or making carpool arrangements with another parent. In the past parents have e-mailed each other and set up carpools to the away games. Parents that are driving to the games should pick up their group in the parking lot or meet them in the gym. After the game parents pick up their own child or make arrangements for a ride. Coaches are not allowed to drive players. Parent/Coaches of a student at Saint Andrew's are the only exception to this rule.

Cheering for your Team
When at a game as a fan, both students and parents are encouraged to cheer for their team in a positive way. Fans should not vocally criticize the officials, the players, or the coaches from the stands. Fans should stay in the stands or in the area of the stands during the game.  Students and parents are not allowed near the team benches or scorers table during a game, unless asked by the coach or the athletic director. If a fan has to walk along either base line during the game, please be courteous and wait until play has stopped or the ball is on the other end of the court, so you do not interfere with the game.

Practice and Game Schedule Calendar
The calendar below is a weekday schedule of practices and games. Each weekday will either say Practice, Home Game, Away Game, Off, or No School. If there is a weekday not listed on the calendar, please figure that there is at least a practice and use the team e-mail address to contact the Coaches and AD, so we can correct the problem.
Game only Calendar 
At the very bottom of this page is the Game only calendar. For Away Games, the game only calendar has a link with the address of the school the Saints are playing, and written directions to the school.
A-Boys Basketball Pre Season Practice Schedule for the 2016 - 2017 Season 
Monday, November 14th - Friday, November 20th
Monday, November 14th
A-Boys: No Practice Today due to Parents and Teacher Conferences
Tuesday, November 15th
A-Boys: Off

Wednesday, November 16th
A-Boys: Off

Thursday, November 17th
A-Boys: Practice in the Gym 6:15-7:45pm

Friday, November 18th
A-Boys: Practice in the Gym 4:45pm-6:15pm  (Pizza & Games Night 3rd-5th Grade)
Monday, November 21st - Friday, November 26th
No Practices Thanksgiving Week due to Stage being built for Grand Friends day and Thanksgiving Break

Monday, November 28th - Friday, December 4th
Monday, November 28th
A-Boys: No School due to In-Service
Tuesday, November 29th
A-Boys: Off

Wednesday, November 30th
A-Boys: Off

Thursday, December 1st
A-Boys: Practice in the gym 6:15-7:45pm
Friday, December 2nd
A-Boys: Practice in the gym 6:15-7:45pm
Monday, December 5th - Friday, December 9th
Monday, December 5th
A-Boys: Practice 4:45pm-6:15pm
Tuesday, December 6th
A-Boys: Off, No practice.

Wednesday, December 7th
A-Boys: Off, No practice

Thursday, December 8th
A-Boys: Practice in the gym at 6:15-7:45pm

Friday, December 9th
A-Boys: Practice in the gym at 4:45pm-6:15pm
Monday, December 12th - Friday, December 16th
Monday, December 12th
A-Boys: Practice in the gym at 3:15-4:45pm
Tuesday, December 13th
A-Boys: Off No practice

Wednesday, December 14th
A-Boys: Off No practice

Thursday, December 15th
A-Boys: Practice at 6:15-7:45pm

Friday, December 16th
A-Boys: Off, No practice due to early dismissal... Happy Holidays!
Monday, December 19th - Monday, January 1st
Christmas Break No practices over the holidays
Monday, January 2nd through Friday, January 6th
Monday, January 2nd
A-Boys: Off, No School or Practice due to In-Service
Tuesday, January 3rd
A-Boys:  Off, No School or Practice due to In-Service
Wednesday, January 4th
A-Boys: Off, No practice
Thursday, January 5th 
A-Boys: Practice 6:15-7:45pm
Friday, January 6th
A-Boys: HOME game vs Canyon 4:45pm
Monday, January 9th through Friday, January 13th
Monday, January 9th
A-Boys: Home game vs SFC1 at 3:45pm
Tuesday, January 10th
A-Boys: Off, No practice
Wednesday, January 11th
A-Boys: Off, No Practice
Thursday, January 12th
A-Boys: Home vs SFC at 3:45pm
Friday, January 13th
A-Boys: Practice at 6:15pm-7:45pm
Monday, January 16th through Saturday, January 20th
 Monday, January 16th
A-Boys: No School or Practice due to Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
Tuesday, January 17th
A-Boys: AWAY game vs Holy Spirit at 7:15pm
Wednesday, January 18th
A-Boys: Practice at 3:15pm-4:45pm
Thursday, January 19th
A Boys: AWAY game vs Mary at 3:45pm
Friday, January 20th
A-Boys: Home game vs Claire at 3:45pm
***High School Placement Test Saturday January 21st and 28th 
Monday, January 23rd through Friday, January 27th
Monday, January 23rd
A-Boys: Practice 3:15pm-4:45pm
Tuesday, January 24th
A-Boys: Off, No practice
Wednesday, January 25th
A-Boys: Practice 3:15pm-4:45pm
Thursday, January 26th
A-Boys: Off no practice
Friday, January 27th
A-Boys: No practice 
****High School Placement Test Saturday January 21st and 28th 
Monday, January 30th through February 3rd 
Monday, January 30th
A-Boys: Picture Day 3:10-4:20pm AWAY game vs SFC2 7:00pm
Tuesday, January 31st
A-Boys: Practice 3:15-4:45pm
Wednesday, February 1st
A-Boys: Off
Thursday, February 2nd
A-Boys: Practice at 6:15-7:45pm
Friday, February 3rd
A-Boys: Off, no practice due to the Middle School Dance
Monday, February 6th through February 10th 
Monday, February 6th
A-Boys: Practice 3:15-4:45pm
Tuesday, February 7th
A-Boys: Practice 4:45-6:15pm
Wednesday, February 8th
A-Boys: St. Justin's Tournament February 8th-12th.
Opening round game : Saint Andrews vs St. Lawrence at 8:10pm (Andrews is the home team)
All games played at St. Justin's School located at 2655 Homestead Road Santa Clara, CA 95051
Thursday, February 9th
A-Boys:  St. Justin's Tournament February 8th-12th. Specific times to be determined
Friday, February 10th
A-Boys:  St. Justin's Tournament February 8th-12th. Specific times to be determined
Saturday, February 11th
A-boys: St. Justin's Tournament February 8th-12th. Specific times to be determined
Sunday, February 12th
A-boys: St. Justin's Tournament February 8th-12th. Specific times to be determined
February 13th through February 17th
Monday, February 13th
A-Boys: Practice at 3:15-4:45pm
Tuesday, February 14th
A-Boys: off, no practice
Wednesday, February 15th
A-Boys: Practice at 3:15-4:45pm
Thursday, February 16th
A-Boys: Home game vs Lucy at 6:00pm  (Last Game of the season)
February 22nd through February 25th
Monday, February 22nd
A-Boys: Off, No practice
Tuesday, February 23rd
A-Boys: Practice in the gym from 6:00-7:30pm
1st round of St. Mary's Basketball Tournament at St. Mary's Location: 30 Lyndon Avenue, Los Gatos, CA 408.354.3944
Parking Waring: Be careful of parking in the residential sections near St. Mary's. After 6pm, the police will ticket cars. St. Mary's has limited parking on campus. It recommended to use the public parking lots.
Please review the December Schedule. The 8th grade boys will be playing in the St. Mary's Connelly Tournament from December 2nd to the 4th. Please remember that their will be a fee at the door. $2.00 for parents and $1 for children. Food and drinks will also be available for purchase at this tournament.
5:45pm Saint Andrews VS Martins    
(Winner of this game plays at 6:45pm on Thursday, December 3rd at St. Mary's School)
(Loser of this game plays at 5:45pm on Thursday, December 3rd at St. Mary's School)
2nd Round of the St. Mary's  Connelly Basketball Tournament. Game time determined by yesterdays win or loss.
The A boys tournament game time is at 5:45pm versus Justins.  
-WINNING TEAM with a 1-1 record will play on Friday at 4:45pm
LOSING TEAM of this game is eliminated form tournament
3rd Round of the St. Mary's  Connelly Basketball Tournament. Game time determined by yesterdays win or loss or elimination.
4:45pm 8th Teams with 1-1 record (Winner to Championship game)
7:00pm 8th Grade Championship game
A-Boys Basketball Season Practice Schedule for the 2015-2016 Season
Wednesday, February 24th
A-Boys: St. Justin's Tournament 1st Round Game
Saint Andrews vs St. Lawrence at 3:30pm  Game Location St. Justin's School 2655 Homestead Road, Santa Clara, CA 95051
Congratulations on the 39 to 26 opening round victory in the St. Justin's tournament. Your next game is 
 Friday, February 26 at 5:50pm
Thursday, February 25th
A-Boys: St. Justins Tournament
Friday, February 26th
A-Boys: St. Justin's Tournament: 2nd round game is  
Friday, February 26 at 5:50pm.
Saturday, February 27th
A-Boys: St. Justins Tournament
Sunday, February 28th
A-Boys: St. Justins Tournament
A-Boys: Please return your basketball jerseys and shorts by Friday, March 4th to the P.E. office
Monday, November 9th - Friday, November 13th
Monday, November 9th
No School
Tuesday, November 10th
A-Boys: Practice in the Gym (6:30 - 7:40pm)

Wednesday, November 11th
A-Boys: Practice in the Gym (6:30 - 7:40pm)
Thursday, November 12th
A-Boys: Practice in the Gym (6:30 - 7:40pm)

Friday, November 13th
A-Boys: Practice in the Gym (6:30 - 7:40pm)

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