Saint Andrew's Episcopal School

The Alumni + Family Circle

As a member of Saint Andrew's Episcopal School's alumni, you are an important part of the legacy and tradition of the School. Once you have attended Saint Andrew’s, you’ll always have a place here.  The Alumni + Family Circle is made up of every former student and family of the School, including those who left Saint Andrew’s prior to graduation.

The Alumni + Family Circle is a vast and varied group of more than 1,300 alumni and their families, reaching around the world. There are no membership fees or dues. We encourage you to stay connected. Alumni + Families are welcome back on campus year round. We look forward to seeing you. We can stay in touch on Facebook or by sharing alumni news for The Oak. 
If you would like to help organize an alumni event or be part of a campus activity, please email Joanne Lee, Director of Development and Alumni Relations at We look forward to talking with you!

Westpoint graduates Saint Andrew's Alumni Amy Saxton

   2nd Lieutenant Amy Saxton, Saint Andrew's Class of 2007 graduated May 2015 from Westpoint.


 Amanda Ramar Giordano '94 welcomes baby Grayson        
 Lindsay Ramar Costigan '97 welcomes baby Oscar              
 Sean Lim '12 at Mitty High School Jr. Prom 

Sofia Kuta '10 freshman at
Northwestern University
Monique Miller '86, Erika Brown '86,  Alicia Murray- Hawley '86.  

Brett Dvorak '11 Luke Geruson '14 back to volunteer

Alison (Lewis) '01 and Chris Caldarulo Married August 24, 2013
Los Gatos Mountains
Kyle Mui '04
Graduated from the Naval Academy 

Lindsay (Ramar) Costigan '97
Grand Prix Equestrian Jumper
Byron Fan '10
Co-Concertmaster of the 2013 CODA
All-State High School Orchestra

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