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Saint Andrew's Episcopal School

Choral and Instrumental Groups

Saint Andrew’s has developed an award winning choral program that is educationally rewarding, fundamentally sound, and musically exciting. Second through eighth grade students  are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the choir programs as they learn about and experience the fundamental and advanced skills and craft of choral singing.

The Instrumental Music program is available to students in the 5th through 8th grades who have an interest in furthering their ability at playing an instrument of their choice as they broaden their understanding of music asa whole and focus their energies into becoming proficient musicians. 
Lower School Choir
Children in second through fifth grades are invited to join our Lower School Choir. Children who love to sing and want to be a part of this special group of singers meet for rehearsal once a week and practice songs for chapel, school concerts and special events.
Concert Choir

The Concert Choir meets every Monday and Friday Morning from 7:00-8:00 a.m. The students study, rehearse, and perform several genres and styles of Western choral music from various time periods including Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century, Broadway, Jazz Standards, Gospel, Folk, and liturgical music. The Concert Choir is accompanied by the Jazz Band and incorporates exciting choral movements and several styles of dance in their musical performances.   
Jazz-Pop Ensemble

The Jazz-Pop Ensemble is an advanced group of 12 to 15 singers who have taken and extra interest by making a strong commitment to choral, solo, and small ensemble singing. The repertoire that is chosen for the Jazz-Pop Ensemble consists of intricate arrangements of 4 to 8 vocal parts, advanced rhythms, tricky meters, complicated harmonies, and exciting full band accompaniments. This group also ranks in the top percentile in the nation and meets on Mondays after school and during various lunch breaks throughout the week.

Chapel Ensemble

The Chapel Ensemble is open to all pupils in the community who are interested in serving the community by leading the hymns and congregational songs, providing solo and small ensemble music, and perpetuating the school pillars of character development during the weekly chapel services and special church events. This group is encouraged to sing profound, reflective, and musically rich arrangements of liturgical music from all faiths and denominations as they exercise their leadership skills, musicality, and teamwork.

Jazz Band

Jazz Band is an advanced program for students who have an interest in studying and performing several styles within the Jazz idiom. Students become engaged in such practical skills as sight-reading, improvisation, critical listening, chord and harmony analysis, identifying keys, scales, modes, and advanced patterns, as well as conducting, band leading, and composition. The pupils play a varied repertoire including Swing, Latin Jazz, Gospel and Blues, Motown, and Rock/Pop. The Jazz Band performs in all of the large school wide concerts, several smaller venues on and off campus throughout the year.

Students in Jazz Band are strongly encourages to take individual lessons from a private teacher to supplement and support what is learned during class.

Beginning and Intermediate Concert Band

Concert Band is a program that encourages and provides the opportunity for young and less experienced musicians to develop and rehearse the fundamental and intermediate skills of playing a wind instrument. The students work out of the Standard of Excellence -- Concert Band Series publication as they work to develop proper embouchure, posture, breath control, fingering, and the skills that are necessary to play music in a concert band. Students are provided the opportunity to hone their skills at playing solos, assessing themselves critically, and working to develop as an ensemble. Because this group consists of pupils with various levels of experience, they play and rehearse both as a larger ensemble and as two separate groups in an effort to provide the right amount of support and opportunity for growth.

Students in Concert Band are strongly encouraged to take individual lessons from a private teacher to supplement and support what is learned during class.

Rock Band
A fifth grade ensemble sharing during the spring concert.

Students in Rock Band are provided the opportunity to learn, develop, rehearse, and improve their skills at forming, practicing, and performing as a band in the Rock idiom. Students are taught and encouraged to utilize YouTube tutorials, internet websites, written TAB charts, lead sheets, written rhythms, cooperative learning, iTunes, and established recordings to learn, study, and perfect the craft of playing in a Rock Band. Students who participate in the Rock Band program perform in all of the large all school concerts and in various smaller venues on and off campus throughout the year.

Students in Rock Band are strongly encouraged to take individual lessons from a private teacher to supplement and support what is learned during class.

The Before/After School Programs are as follows:
    • Concert Choir – Mondays and Friday mornings from 7:00-8:00AM on the stage in the Gym/Hall. This program is for 6th-8th graders.
    • Beginner Band - Tuesday mornings from 7:00-8:00AM.

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