Private Elementary & Middle School for Cupertino, CA & the surrounding area
Saint Andrew's Episcopal School

Private Education for Cupertino, CA & the Surrounding Area

Cupertino, CA is a city located on the western edge of the Santa Clara Valley and is best known as being the home of the Apple Inc. corporate headquarters. The history of the name “Cupertino” was first used when a San Francisco lawyer and historian named John T. Doyle called his winery on McClellan Road “Cupertino.”

Nowadays, Cupertino is in the heart of Silicon Valley. What started in the 19th century as an agricultural hot spot for prune, plum, apricot, and cherry orchard has now turned into a hot spot for the greatest tech companies of our time. With a multitude of high-tech companies, there is always something exciting going on in the city.

From Pre-K to Junior High School

Forbes has ranked Cupertino, CA as one of the most educated small towns in the country. So, if education is important to your family, sending your children to a great primary or junior high school will set them up for a life of success. At Saint Andrew's Episcopal School, our school offers empowerment and enrichment programs that allow our students to get the best education possible.

From pre-k to middle school, your child will love coming to Saint Andrew's Episcopal School. Are you interested in enrolling your child? Get in touch with us today.

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