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D-Girls Volleyball (5th grade)

Fall 2016 season
D-Girls Volleyball News and Announcements:
August 8, 2016,
Dear 5th Grade D Team and Parents,
The practice schedule will not be posted until the league confirms the game schedule. Picture Day will not be scheduled until we receive the league game schedule as well. This will help us avoid unnecessary scheduling conflicts.

Please purchase white knee pads. It does not have to be any particular brand. We ask for white to match the uniform and to keep the girl's knees safe as they dive on the floor to save a point.
D-Girls Volleyball Team (5th graders)
Coaches: Erin Stacey and Nikki Marcel

Team e-mail Address: If you have a message for the coaches please send to Chris Scott, the Athletic Director, and your message will be sent to the coaches.

To sign up for D-Girls Volleyball (5th grade) go to
You will receive an automatic reply that you are signed up for the team.
The last day to sign up for Girls Volleyball is Monday, August 29th.

Parents picking up players from Practice
Players are not allowed to wait in front of the school for their ride after practices or games
Parents must come in the gym to pick up their child after practice. Players can not leave the gym until their parent comes in the gym to pick them up, or they are sent to daycare.
For convenience, parents can park in the back by the gym and come through the back doors of the gym to pick up their child.

Arriving on time to Home and Away Games
For games that are at 3:45pm all players need to get to the game ASAP
For later games players need to be at the site of the game 30 minutes before game timeIf for some reason a player can't be there 30 minutes before the game, the player must let the coach know ahead of time.

Carpooling to Away Games
Parents are responsible to get their child to any away games, either by driving them or making carpool arrangements with another parent. In the past parents have e-mailed each other and set up carpools to the away games. Parents that are driving to the games should pick up their group in the parking lot or meet them in the gym. After the game parents pick up their own child or make arrangements for a ride. Coaches are not allowed to drive players. Parent/Coaches of a student at Saint Andrew's are the only exception to this rule.

Cheering for your Team
When at a game as a fan, both students and parents are encouraged to cheer for their team in a positive way. Fans should not vocally criticize the officials, the players, or the coaches from the stands. Fans should stay in the stands or in the area of the stands during the game.  Students and parents are not allowed near the team benches or scorers table during a game, unless asked by the coach or the athletic director. If a fan has to walk along either base line during the game, please be courteous and wait until play has stopped or the ball is on the other end of the court, so you do not interfere with the game.

Practice and Game Schedule Calendar
The calendar below is a weekday schedule of practices and games. Each weekday will either say Practice, Home Game, Away Game, Off, or No School. If there is a weekday not listed on the calendar, please figure that there is at least a practice and use the team e-mail address to contact the Coaches and AD, so we can correct the problem. 
D-Girls Volleyball 2016 Pre Season Practice Schedule
Monday, August 22nd - Friday, August 26th
Monday, August 22nd
D-Girls: Off
Tuesday, August 23rd
D-Girls: Off
Wednesday, August 24th
Practice in the Gym (3:15 - 4:45pm)
Thursday, August 25th
D-Girls: Practice in the Gym (3:15 - 4:45pm)
Friday, August 26th
D-Girls: Off
Monday, August 29th - Friday, September 2nd
Monday, August 29th
Practice in the Gym (3:15 - 4:45pm)
Tuesday, August 30th
D-Girls: Off
Wednesday, August 31st
Practice in the Gym (3:15 - 4:45pm)
Thursday, September 1st
D-Girls: Off (No Gym due to Lower School Back to School Night)
Friday, September 2nd 
D-Girls: Off
Monday, September 5th - Friday, September 9th
Monday, September 5th
D- Girls: No School due to Labor Day
Tuesday, September 6th
D-Girls: Off
Wednesday, September 7th
Practice in the Gym (3:15 - 4:45pm)
Thursday, September 8th
D-Girls: Off (Middle School Back to School Night)
Friday, September 9th
D-Girls: Off
Monday, September 12th - Friday, September 16th
Monday, September 12th
Practice in the Gym (3:15 - 4:45pm)
Tuesday, September 13th
D-Girls: Off 

Wednesday, September 14th
D-Girls: No practice due to the Marin Headlands Trip

Thursday, September 15th
D-Girls: No practice due to the Marin Headlands Trip
Friday, September 16th
D-Girls: No practice due to the Marin Headlands Trip
Monday, September 19th - Friday, September 23rd
Monday, September 19th
D-Girls: Home game vs. St. Mary at 3:45pm
Tuesday, September 20th
D-Girls: Off

Wednesday, September 21st
D-Girls: Practice in the Gym (3:15 - 4:45pm)

Thursday, September 22nd
D-Girls:  No practice due to Common Ground Speaker

Friday, September 23rd
D-Girls: Off   No Gym due to the Spaghetti Dinner
Monday, September 26th - Friday, September 30th
Monday, September 26th
D-Girls: Home game vs Holy Spirit 3:45pm
Holy Spirit contacted us on 9/22 to cancel/postpone this game.
Tuesday, September 27th
D-Girls: Off    No Gym High School Night 
Wednesday, September 28th
D-Girls: 3:15-4:30pm
Thursday, September 29th
D-Girls: 3:15-4:15pm due to 8th grade girls Home game
Friday, September 30th
D-Girls: Off
Monday, October 3rd- Friday, October 7th
Monday, October3rd
-Girls: Practice 3:15-4:30pm
Tuesday, October 4th  
D-Girls: Away game at Holy Spirit at 3:45pm
Holy Spirit's address is 1198 Redmond Ave, San Jose, Ca 95120
Wednesday, October 5th
D-Girls: Away game at Sacred Heart 3:45pm
Sacred Heart 13716 Saratoga Ave, Saratoga, CA 95070
Thursday, October 6th
D-Girls: Practice from 3:15 to 4:45pm
Friday, October 7th 
D-Girls: Off

Monday, October 10th - Friday, October 14th
Monday, October 10th
D-Girls: Off     No School Due to Columbus Day
Tuesday, October 11th
D-Girls: Off    No School Due to In-Service Day
Wednesday, October 12th 
D-Girls: Home game vs St. Francis Cabrini-2  at 3:45pm  Picture day as well
Thursday, October 13th 
D-Girls:  Away game at St. Francis Cabrini-2 vs SFC 2 at 3:45pm
St. Francis Cabrini's address is 15325 Woodard Rd, San Jose, CA 95124
Friday, October 14th
D-Girls: Off Due to Middle School Dance
Monday, October 17th - Friday, October 21st
Monday, October 17th
D-Girls: Practice 3:15-4:30pm
Tuesday, October 18th
Away game at Sacred Heart 3:45pm
Sacred Heart 13716 Saratoga Ave, Saratoga, CA 95070

Wednesday, October 19th
D-Girls: Home game vs St. Francis Cabrini-1 at 3:45pm
Thursday, October 20th 
D-Girls: Practice is at 3:15-4:30pm
Friday, October 21st
D- Girls: Off
Monday, October 24th - Friday, October 28th
Monday, October 24th
D Girls:  Away game at St. Francis Cabrini-1 at 3:45pm
St. Francis Cabrini's address is 15325 Woodard Rd, San Jose, CA 95050
Last game of the season. Please return your jersey to the P.E. office or Mr. Scott by Friday October 28th 
Tuesday, October 25th
D-Girls:  Return Jersey
Wednesday, October 26th
D-Girls:  Return Jersey
Thursday, October 27th
D-Girls:  Return Jersey 
Friday, October 28th
D-Girls: Harvest Festival
Monday, October 31- November 4th
Monday, October 31st
D Girls: 
No practice due to Halloween
Tuesday, November 1st
D Girls:
Wednesday, November 2nd
D Girls:
Thursday, November 3rd
D Girls:
Thursday, November 3rd
D Girls:
Friday, November 4th
D Girls:
(Last Game of the Season)

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