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Saint Andrew's Episcopal School

Private Education for Los Altos, CA and the Surrounding Area

Dating back to the 1906 formation of the Altos Land Co., Los Altos (Spanish for “the heights”) takes its name from being the highest land on the cutoff between Mayfield and Los Gatos. With the outdoor land sale in March 1907, the focal point of the town was identified as the first town lot purchased, which is today’s intersection of Foothill Expressway and Main Street. The town gradually spread as a bigger unincorporated area including Los Altos Hills and portions of neighboring towns. After World War II, the population exploded, resulting in Los Altos becoming the eleventh city in Santa Clara County on December 1, 1952.

Today, Los Altos is a thriving community with great culture and local shopping enjoyed by residents and locals, alike. With several parks for recreation, wonderful libraries and museums for education, and shopping districts, Los Altos has something for everyone.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is proud to be the premier educational institution for the Los Altos, CA and the surrounding area. We provide private education for students from Pre-K through 8th grade. St. Andrew’s Episcopal School offers a comprehensive academic program for your child. This includes technology, performing arts, physical education, religion, character development and service learning. For more information about the ways your child can benefit from attending our institution, please call us today.


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