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Math Kangaroo

Since 2011, Saint Andrew's students have joined with over five million students in over 40 countries to take part in the Math Kangaroo Olympiad competition.  Math Kangaroo is all about math, fun, joy and pride. 
All third through fifth grade students are invited to be a Saint Andrew's Olympian.  As part of this annual competition, third and fourth grade students tackle a 75-minute multiple choice test plus 24 additional word problems. Students in fifth grade complete the same multiple choice test plus 30 additional word problems.  The Olympians prepare by working with their coaches, Mrs. Gwynne and Mrs. Carey, once or twice per week September through April diligently practicing word problems provided by Math Kangaroo.
In 2012,  fourth graders Matthew Q. and Katy C. placed 9th and 8th, respectively, nationally in the Math Kangaroo Competition!

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